DeltaBrd - Breakout Board for an Altera (Intel) Max V CPLD

For a few months now, we have been testing our design of a flexible breakout board for the Max V line of Altera CPLD chips. It performed very well in our prototype application for lighting control and up to now we are very happy with it. The DeltaBrd is designed for Max V chips in a 100-TQFP package: 5M80Z,  5M160Z,  5M240Z, 5M570Z. The images below show both sides of the board.

The board uses two AMS1117 low-dropout linear voltage regulators to provide 3.3V and 1.8V from a supply voltage in the range of 5V-9V. As an alternative power source, a mini USB connector is provided. All voltages are broken out to a separate pin header.

The DeltaBrd also has a 100 Mhz on-board oscillator, which can be fed to the CLK0 and CLK1 inputs of the CPLD. The board incorporates several signal LEDs which can be freely tied to any CPLD pin of interest, an LED indicating JTAG activity and a power-on LED. The board also has a push button which can be tied to any CPLD pin. There is one push button which can be tied to any CPLD pin. All CPLD pins are accessible via the pin headers.

In the picture below, you see the schematics of the DeltaBrd and the pdf-link contains the bill of materials.


The board is designed for easy soldering using classic though-hole components and 0805 SMD components. It is assembled locally in Bulgaria (European Union).

If you wish to know more about the board or you want to experiment with it and get a board or a development kit, please drop me a note using the about page.